Especially for the beginners: here’s how to open a poker account!

Check out our simple guide for opening an account in wargapoker. See the easiest instructions…

how to open a poker account

Check out our simple guide for opening an account in wargapoker. See the easiest instructions for beginners who are about to start playing poker games online.

As a beginner in the field of online poker games and tournaments you might be too excited to read the website terms and conditions as to how to open an account. We understand you. All you are thinking about right now is when you can start playing real money poker games. But before you do that, you will have to do two very significant things:

  1. First, find a decent website with high-quality poker services.
  2. Second, open an account in this poker website.

We understand how frustrating it might be to research the whole market and confidently choose a decent poker website. So, in this task we will substitute you. Here’s a good suggestion for beginners in poker games through the internet: wargapoker.

But we will also help you in the second task you have to complete in order to become eligible to play real money poker games: the registration process. Here’s our guide about this procedure. Follow it – step by step – and within a couple of minutes you will have an account, respectively a chance to start your online poker career:

  1. Open the website we have recommended you to play poker online (or any other, if you have selected one)
  2. Look for the button called Join, Sign Up, Register, Don’t have an account yet? And everything else similar to this. Click on the button, of course.
  3. You will be either transferred to the poker operator’s registration form or the one will pop-up for you in another window. In all cases, you will have a blank that’s supposed to be filled in.
  4. All the fields should be entered by you with precise and valid personal details. In most cases, the casino will require from you to type your names, date of birth, address, nationality, preferred playing currency (with options to choose from), etc.
  5. Confirm the personal details you have entered and mark that you agree with the online poker company’s terms and conditions. Attention: don’t just mark the box, but really read these rules. They are super important, especially for you, a beginner in the field.
  6. Go to your e-mail or wait for your mobile phone to inform you for a new message. In all cases, the message is supposed to be opened for your new account confirmation.
  7. Claim for the welcome bonus in the website. There’s a minimum chance for your selected poker website not to have such. Some companies might require from you to enter a bonus code. You can get it from the place you have found out about the website.
  8. When everything from above is done you get ready to play some poker games with real money!

Good luck, guys!

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