You are aware that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of online money games sites. Those sites in general offer all the known classic games of chance. They’re in fact a quite popular way to have a good time online and to seize the chance to win money. There are however other ways to play & win. More and more sites offer skill or so called soft games where players can sign up, compete in tournaments against each other and win prizes.

In case you want to win money online while playing traditional board games, casual games or games of skills, then the sites mentioned above are perfect for you. In most cases you simply open an account, provide your details and that’s it. The sites themselves are not gaming sites for and with real money. They offer tournaments for free, so called freerolls, and they offer the best players a cash prize, merchandise or vouchers.

Big winnings, no start-up fee!

Yes, that’s the deal you’re getting when playing soft games at selected websites that are basically financed placing ads. There are special promotions as well as sponsored tournaments and even leagues where players have the chance not only to win small cash prizes but amazing holiday packages, too.

The question you might as know might refer to the legality of those sites. Well, because they’re not offering games of chance or luck and they don’t require a real cash deposit from their players, they’re totally legal. In fact, the sites can honestly say that they’re competitive sites with games of skill, soft games and casual games. There hasn’t been an easier way for players who want to win money online without risking even a penny.

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